Quality Reporting 
At a Glance

Our goal in the design of the Visualize Health software was to create an extremely accessible population health tool that enables providers to identify and understand their patient populations in different combinations of disease registries, and also against standard sets of quality care measures. 

The Problem

$ 1
Per physician per year

Average cost of quality measure reporting for medical practices

$ 1 B
Spending Per Year

Annual cost of quality measure reporting just for U.S. physicians in primary care, multi specialty, cardiology, and orthopedics

Hours per week

Average total per provider time spent on quality measure reporting by physicians and their staff in primary care or multispecialty practices 

              Bridget M. Kuehn, Medscape Medical News – summarizing recent report by Lawrence Casalino, MD, and colleagues (1) of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York

Our Straightforward Software Solution

Quality Measure Attainment

Visualize Health’s EHR agnostic tool enables providers a standard view of data across the providers and payer programs with insight on all of their compliance percentage data. Our clients were among the highest ranked physician groups for quality score attainment. 

User Friendly

Our proprietary system can encourage providers with clear tracking of their peers’ ranks in quality measure attainment and potential bonus payments. 

Return on Investment

Our clients’ quality performance bonuses for previous reporting years have been significant. Entering a value-based contract with an insurance payor does not have to be a gamble. Our system works with any Value Based Contract and supports custom quality measures. 


We provide a view of your practice’s key metrics in a HIPAA compliant, secure, and accessible browser interface or mobile device.

Special Features

Integration with your ehr

Patient Population and Quality Measurement data in an aggregated view, regardless of medical practices' EHR vendor.

updated daily

Our care navigators work relentlessly to update patient population data daily.

automated reports for payers

Our automated reports enable practices to simplify gaps in care based on Emergency Room Frequency, Institutional Claims, and financial data reports.

By partnering with our trusted data and technology provider, Wellvana offers industry-leading data with experienced medical professionals to quickly and accurately understand the trends, patterns and meaning in the large amount of available healthcare data within the network.

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