Government Program Management

built to overcome healthcare challenges at the care team level

Emergency Room Diversion 
By shifting expenses to primary care, we can help practices avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. Through clinical integration, we can reduce hospital admits and readmits.

Case Management
Our case management program strives to achieve and maintain patient wellness through a program of advocacy, communication, education, and identification and facilitation of services.

Commercial Payers
Our services are not limited to MSSP ACOs, we also assist practices that contract with commercial payers to succeed in value-based contracts.

Get Paid For Your Value

Because of rising insurance costs and governmental regulations, modern healthcare is moving towards patient-centric outcome based reimbursement, compared to fee-for-service-medicine practices. This means healthcare payors reward physicians for being proactive in assuring positive outcomes from their patient visits. Something More

Program Compliance

Visualize Health provides real-time visualization of physician compliance to their value-based program metrics. Let us help you as a physician, practice administrator, or plan administrator, to see and manage your key performance indicators.

Improved Documentation

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare reimbursement is not the actual patient care, but the completeness in documentation of the patient encounter. Out software alone will make a big impact, but we will lead you through coinciding investments in process that will guarantee overall success. 

Point of Care Impact

 What if the provider is seeing a patient within a value-based program and could be supplied with an instant and accurate list of that patient's gaps in care before or during that patient encounter? A routine sick visit may result in additional care that lowers hospitalization risk, improves patent care, and increases your shared savings or quality measure attainment bonus.

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