Practice Analytics

Using our system, your practice will experience transparency of your own data. With simple to read graphical formats, everyone on the team will enjoy knowing exactly where your group stands.

Claims Data

Our claims data analytics can be used to understand a population's total cost of care more completely with the identification of high cost patients, ER frequency reports, and much more.

Quality Data

We promote payer-provider collaboration through quality measure support. Achieving the highest possible quality scores can be difficult, but Visualize Health can help you get there.

Practice Financial Analysis

Our easily accessible financial reports can help you cut down costs where it matters most and track the progress of your group's financial status compared to national averages.

Our Model

How We Contribute to Your Practice

Visualizing the health of your patient population is not as easy as putting all your EMR data into a visualization tool. Health Information Exchanges (HIE) are critical systems for regional population health information sharing and reporting, but getting the data out of your EMR into the HIE is not easy–and it is not the only hurdle. Learn more about how Visualize Health can provide a clear view of which patients need the greatest help which further enables the provider to make the greatest effective use of his or her time .

the power of information

Population Health Detail

Isolate populations for investigation, care campaigns, and quality measure completion. Our cloud based software allows our clients to create and use custom quality measures.

closing gaps in care

Providers do significant things in great volume and with limited time. Our clients are using our software to close more gaps in care for their patients and quality based reimbursement programs at the point of care, within their workflow.

Quality measure tracking

Real time quality measure compliance tracking and reporting are more important to your providers than ever before due to the Affordable Care Act and various forms of pay for performance programs. We are your automated software solution.

Maximize your ehr

Electronic Health Records don't keep up with the changing needs of the healthcare industry, even with costly customizations. With Visualize Health's easily adoptable view of your medial practice's key metrics, we can meet your needs at a fraction of the cost.